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We are a company duly incorporated with National Tourism Registration in the city of Cartagena under numbers #1422, #1438, #30572, #30248 and #305. Also, in the city of Bogota under numbers #1412 and #30724 and in Medellin under numbers #13963 and #31032. In addition, our ICONTEC certifications, including NTS - AV 01, NTS - AV 02 and NTS - AV 04 and two IATA licenses. As a partner of the Over Group, we guarantee quality and efficiency both in Colombia and abroad.

We have a trained team that offers comprehensive advice for domestic and international travelers, not only in the issuance of tickets but also in complementary services such as hotel reservations, car rentals, excursions, private tours and travel insurance. We use the Amadeus reservation system.

We offer comprehensive services:

Self-management tool

Medical flights

Airport assistance

Airport assistance

Rent a car

Trains and cruises

Call Center

Tourist and corporate packages

Charter flights

Air tickets

Documentary and advice on visa procedures